•Improves and protects moisture balance (NMF: Natural Moisturizing Factor) caused by lipid loss from UV damage, environmental factors, anti-aging treatments, misuse of anti-aging products, irritants, and normal aging process.

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•They perform three critical functions: keep moisture in, keep moisture out (waterproofing) and keep bacteria out.
•The Stratum Corneum, and hence, our skin’s barrier protective system, is seriously undermined during many anti-aging procedures including Microdermabrasion, deep chemical peels and laser resurfacing.
•Unique R2P2™ advanced Barrier Protectant System to replenish the structural and functional lipid group that makes up the Stratum Corneum.
•Fights free radicals with Vitamins C & E.
•Diminishes fine lines and improves skin tone and elasticity.
•Offers some photo-protection but not to be used as a sunscreen.
•Use as a primary moisturizer. Excellent under makeup.

•Loaded with ceramides, lipids, cholesterol, and squalane (plant derived) which maintains the moisture retention performed within the Stratum Corneum and inhibits future moisture loss.
•12½% Vitamin C (Ascorbyl Palmitate USP) pharmaceutical grade. 4% Vitamin E (Tocopheryl AcetateUSP) pharmaceutical grade.
•Squalane is an essential fatty acid that compliments lipids.

Recommendations: All skin types

•Lightly pat in with fingertips.
•While slightly moist apply Pro-C® Lipid Recovery Serum as a sealant to garner the greatest benefit.
•Use 1 – 2 times daily as your moisturizer.

•Keep out of eyes. Keep away from small children.
•If irritation develops, discontinue use.
•For topical use only. Not to be ingested.


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