This is a gentle, super potent, maximum strength acne cleanser with an active medicated cleansing agent to help kill 99.99% of Propioni bacteria found in acne. Alcohol-free so it will not dry the skin. The kill rate lasts from 2 to 4 hours.There is nothing stronger!

Perfect on all skin types. Available in different sizes.

8.0 FL. OZ.

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Regulatory Status: FDA Monograph, Topical Anti-microbial Drug Products for the OTC Human Use.

• To promote cleanliness by allowing regular and continuous cleansing without drying the skin.
• To kill germs (E.coli, Pseudomonas, and Staph), which cause infection.
• To kill germs (Propionibacterium), that is prevalent in acne conditions.
• Eliminates bacterial and fungal contamination.
• Broad-spectrum Antimicrobial action, encompassing Gram-Negative, Gram-Positive, Fungi, Yeast and Acid Fast bacteria.
• Alcohol-free product

• Benzethonium Chloride disrupts bacterial growth and forces it to destroy itself.
Recommendations: Perfect for all skin types.

• Wet hands. Place a small amount into your hands and work in to lather.
• Apply lather on areas to be treated with a gentle, circular motion.
• Rinse clean.
• Use as often as necessary.

• External use only. Do not use in eye.
• In case of deep wounds or puncture wounds, consult a physician.
• If irritation develops and persists for more than a few days, discontinue and consult a physician.
• Do not leave on skin for more than one minute without rinsing. Do not apply directly to any mucous membrane or bodily opening without completely rinsing off.


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