Our Philosophy

Our desire to always meet our customers’ needs is evident in our excellent products and services. Our mission is to give you the greatest efficacy possible by using the highest quality ingredients that allow your skin care system to progress along with your skin.


Not all skin care treatments are alike. HG KOSMETIKS products have been developed for medical patients using pharmaceutical grade and highly purified ingredients. These products are among the safest, most effective non-prescription treatments available today.


We believe healthy, flawless skin is not a matter of luck or genetics. It’s a matter of good skin care regiment, everyone can find their best skin.


HG KOSMETIKS stand behind our products with your utmost satisfaction in mind. And, we promise that you will not find a higher quality program, as simple a regimen, nor as good a value as with HG KOSMETIKS Professional Healthcare products.


All of our products carry an unconditional 30-day money-back guarantee. We cannot guarantee results one hundred percent of the time, but we would surely love the opportunity to try.

HG Kosmetiks - Logo 2021

"Beauty is a deeply personal journey that manifests itself on the inside and outside."

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