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Our skin changes as we age. Normal processes slow down as our skin begins to lose many of its functions. Today, we also hear about the accelerated aging of the skin. This is simply the speeding up of the ?aging? process?90% of accelerated skin damage is due to ultra violet exposure from the sun and tanning beds. Many essential oils, vitamins and antioxidants in our skin become damaged and destroyed. Our skin, at some point, begins to lose its ability to repair this damage. Do you know that it only takes 10 minutes of UV exposure to begin to damage the skin?

Anti-aging skincare = the ability to slow down the accelerated aging of the skin.

Keeping your skin healthy or fixing the damage is quite simple. Think of your skin as a puzzle. Each piece of the puzzle is geared to your damage and the ability to fix these problems. We first use a simple ?core program? of three items. The core components are as follows: Cleanse, Exfoliate and Protect. That?s it! After a few weeks or dependant on the your damage you can add a few more puzzle pieces, which may include Antioxidants, Vitamins, Cell Renewal and Lipid Recovery.

Our program is simple to use and unbelievably effective. It was developed in a dermatology practice in 1989 by one of the pioneers of Cosmetic Dermatology. You don?t need expensive products to make this happen. You just need extremely good products, pharmaceutical-grade and in some instances, medicated OTC (over-the-counter, non-prescription) items to help your condition. Stick to a very basic regimen and you can again have fabulous skin!

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