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Cultural differences in hedonic feeling control just after a negative skills

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Citation: Sunshine Roentgen, Hou WK, Hui BPH, Siu Nyc-F, Engels T and Sauter Da (2021) Feeling and you may Investigations away from 23 Positive Emotions for the Hong kong and you can the netherlands. Side. Psychol. 74. doi: /fpsyg.74

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Stimulation corresponds to an impression you to environmental means require time and you can mobilization (high pleasure) otherwise ensure it is other individuals and healing (low stimulation; Russell, 2003). Certain cross-social surface has been found inside the thinking from stimulation out-of confident attitude. Such as, “excited” is actually ranked due to the fact large pleasure and you can “serene” and you will “content” evaluated just like the reasonable arousal across Estonian, Greek, and Shine members (Russell et al., 1989). More over, excitement, warmth, and you may elation are generally felt high-pleasure positive thoughts and calm, peacefulness, and you may comfort low-arousal confident ideas all over social organizations (Tsai, 2007). Although not, the same as browse into the attitudes of positivity, there’s a lack of test round the cultures of your impression from arousal account to have an array of collection of self-confident emotions. In the current investigation, i, ergo, along with mentioned perceptions away from pleasure by the Western and you will Eastern Asian professionals regarding many self-confident ideas.

H1: Mental stimulation was recognized constantly all over countries, while positivity and you may social wedding in addition to social recommendations is ranked in a different way by Westerners and you will Eastern Asians.

Hong kong Chinese participants’ feedback toward positivity and you may societal engagement was in fact more than that from Dutch players. For positivity, it’s really worth listing that, even if statistically complete such emotions’ positivity is ranked higher from inside the Hong kong (0.204) compared to Netherlands (0.195), there was a massive discrepancy in which ideas was indeed rated because the significantly more confident on the a few countries. Awe, vow, went, and delicate have been ranked large when you look at the Hong-kong than in Netherlands, and you can enjoyment, inspiration, interested, positive surprised, rescue, and compassion was indeed ranked large in Netherlands compared to Hong kong. Likewise, to have societal involvement, total studies have been highest into the Hong kong (?0.023) compared to Netherlands (?0.075), but there are high inaccuracies across the thinking. Entertainment, compassion, and you may linked have been ranked a whole lot more just like the socially getting into Netherlands than just from inside the Hong kong, and you may awe, commitment, and victory was ranked more socially entering Hong-kong than just during the Netherlands.

Desk step one. Multilevel regression models of connectivity anywhere between individual evaluations and you will public evaluations (A,B), and cultural differences between Hong-kong and you will Netherlands on feelings perception–research hook up regarding 23 positive emotions (C).

The analysis exceeds previous browse in lots of ways. Basic, i examined several thousand line of positive attitude. While some early performs compiled arousal critiques having a few off positive ideas in different countries (Russell mais aussi al., 1989), just how positive, sexy, and you may socially enjoyable/disengaging thinking try is typically believed as opposed to empirically founded. Develop your studies yielded contained in this research could offer a helpful empirical source part to possess coming focus on confident emotions.

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Kitayama, S., Mesquita, B., and you can Karasawa, M. (2006). Cultural affordances and you will mental experience: socially engaging and you can disengaging feelings during the Japan plus the You. J. Pers. Soc. Psychol. 91, 890–903. doi: -.5.890

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